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Textile paints

Silk paints

Cotton products

Silk products



Technical drawing


Glass and ceramic paints


Jewelry materials


Glues, varnishes, primers

Kids art supplies

Canvas and easels

Encaustic painting

Handicraft materials




Linseed cutters, graphic instruments, presses, tiants (wax cups for batik)

Pencils: graphite, paint, watercolor, pastel; pastel crayons, watercolor crayons, calligraphy pens

Silicone rubbers for mold making, latex mold materials, candle paints, dyes, soap masses, paints, perfumes

Feather pen

Linear, triangle, ruler, rails, drawing boards, cutting lines, cutting surfaces

Frame moldings, framing materials

Metal easels, graphic presses, ceramic lathes

Watercolor papers, drawing and sketch albums, graphic paper

Silk (steam fixable), devorant, porcelain (800º)

Silk Fabrics, Scarves, Scarves, Ties, Window Decor, Merino Wool, Raw Felt, Cotton Bags, Bags, Aprons, Bags

Cases for repainting, bactericating, decolorizing, and Solarfast technique – easy transfer of image to fabric with sunlight

 Children’s pencils and wax crayons, ink pens

Glass, wood, bone beads, costume jewelry, jewelry making materials, FSC wooden boxes, felt, felting needles, adhesives, decoupage materials

Acrylic paints in tubes, paint cans and markers of various thicknesses

Silk colors, fabric dressing and printing, glass, porcelain, wood; markers for textiles, glass, porcelain, metal, wood, paper, cardboard; decoupage varnishes, glues, crackle varnishes; templates, brushes

Self-hardening compounds, clays, pigments (dry)

Screen printing screens, slats, emulsions, paints; ceramic glazes, undercoat colors

Oil paints, varnishes and other paints and varnishes

Oil paints, acryilic paints, mediums, gouache, etching ink, lithography, gilding, varnishes.