Sennelier ABSTRACT Acrylic colour 500ml


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  • Abstract is a fine acrylic paint which meets all the stringent quality demands that are a guarantee of Sennelier paints: its pigment concentration gives it a creamy-to-thick “Heavy Body” consistency, along with incomparable covering power.
  • The paste is a pleasure to handle with a brush, a palette knife or straight out of the soft pack .
  • Its ease of application onto multiple surfaces makes it very popular with students, professional painters , street artists, and many more creative people.
  • Innovative, elegant and handy flexible pouch package offers all kinds of benefts. As it fits comfortably into your hand it’s much easier to use.
  • The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go and, unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it!
  • The paint is better preserved because air cannot get inside the pouch.
  • You can use the paint completely: there is no waste and no air bubbles which may cause the paint to spill out.

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Sennelier color

116 titanium white, 574 primary yellow (P), 686 primary red (P), 385 primary blue (P), 759 mars black