Marabu VARNISH solvent-based


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  • Clear, solvent-based matt enamel.
  • Note: Not suitable for varnishing solvent-based paints.
  • Limitation: The clear varnishes on the basis of organic solvents and the spray varnishes are not suitable for applying to oil paints and other solvent-based paints such as FIMO.
  • Milky: All varnishes appear milky in the jar and after application. The desired effect will appear after drying, though – transparent glossy, matt or satin-finish.
  • Cleaning brushes: Clean brushes with Marabu Cleaner & Thinner or benzine immediately after use.
  • Protective coat for Basic Acryl: We recommend applying one of our clear varnishes to protect outdoor objects or objects with mechanical wear.
  • Diluting: If solvent-based varnishes have become to thick, e.g. through drying out, simply add a little Marabu Cleaner & Thinner.
  • Weather resistance: Painting or spraying with the clear varnishes achieves good weather resistance and a dirt-repellent effect.

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