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Screen printing set for fabric with printing ink and accessories
  • Contents:
  • 1 x Textil Print 100 ml (Carbon black 974)
  • 1 x screen (250 x 188 mm; 51T/130)
  • 1 x squeegee (102 x 73 mm)
  • 1 x painting knife
  • 1 x brochure
  • Before painting, new textiles have to be washed at least once without fabric conditioners.
  • Fabric finishes and conditioners prevent the fibre from absorbing the paint. Colour fastness after fixing cannot be guaranteed in this case.
  • Screen printing is a method of printing that involves forcing the printing ink through a fi nely woven mesh onto the fabric using a squeegee.
  1. Transfer the motif to the stencil material and then cut it out using the cutter.
  2. There are two options for stencilling: a negative and a positive stencil. With a negative stencil, the lines and shapes of the motif are cut out. These areas will be white afterwards. The rest will be printed in colour. With a positive stencil, the lines and shapes of the motif remain and the other areas are removed.
  3. Stick the stencil to the flat side of the screen using adhesive tape.
  4. Position the screen on the side of the fabric to be printed. The flat side of the screen rests on the fabric.
  5. Place paper or film between the layers of fabric.
  6. If letters are used, they should now be readable through the screen and not back-to-front.
  7. Stir the ink well before use.
  8. Apply a line of ink approximately 1 cm wide to the top edge of the screen.
  9. Use the squeegee to spread the ink over the motif from top to bottom without pressure. Make sure all areas to be printed are covered in ink.
  10. Next, draw the squeegee over the motif from top to bottom applying even pressure. This transfers the ink to the fabric.
  11. Carefully lift the screen off the fabric.
  12. When the printing process is complete, clean the Screen and stencil immediately and leave to dry.
  13. After drying, fix the fabric in the oven (8 minutes / 150 °C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. After fixing, the fabric is washable up to 40 °C.
  14. Wash and iron printed fabrics inside out.

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