Marabu KiDS Finger paint set 6x100ml


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  • Set contains: yellow (019), red (232), blue (253), green (267), white (070), black (073).
  • The creamy, easy to apply water-based paint is ideal for spontaneous painting in pre-school, school, therapy and at home.
  • Marabu KiDS finger paint is easy to apply with fingers, hands, a sponge, spatula or brush on paper, cardboard, wood, glass (windows) and plastic film.
  • All colours can be mixed together, are drip-free, highly opaque and fast drying.
  • And when little artists get it wrong: Marabu Finger Paint can easily be wiped off all smooth surfaces.
  • Paint stains on textiles should be soaked in cold water before washing. The paint is ideal for children from the age of 2. Marabu
  • KIDS Finger Paint complies with the requirements of the Toy Directive. This means that only special preservatives and pigments are used in its preparation and a bitter substance is added to protect against unwanted consumption.