L&B Gloss acrylic picture spray varnish (anti-uv) 150ml


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  • Professional, artist-class painting varnish with UV protection filter.
  • L&B varnish for protection of acrylic and oil paintings from damage caused by sunlight.
  • L&B acrylic picture varnish is colourless and does not become shiny when rubbed.


  • Flammable.
  • Prolonged skin contact may cause skin dryness or peeling.
  • Toxicity by inhalation may cause drowsiness and dizziness.
  • May produce an allergic reaction.
  • Dangerous for the aquatic ecosystem.
  • If swallowed, try to avoid vomiting and seek medical advice immediately.
  • Save the packaging.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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