Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolours Set 48 half pan colors


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  • Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolour Sets are presented in robust, pratical metal boxes with hinged mixing palettes and thumb rings.
  • Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolours give vibrant, intense colours.
  • The best quality gum arabic binder ensures uniform flow.
  • Made from only high-quality artist pigments, Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolours have excellent lightfastness and colour brilliance.
  • The individual shades are fully intermixable, giving a great diversity of nuances.
  • titanium covering white,
  • lemon yellow, permanent yellow, Naples yellow, Indian yellow, brilliant yellow
  • orange, scarlet, madder, carmine,
  • permanent red, permanent rose, opera rose, cold rose
  • permanent violet, violet,
  • cyan, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, ultramarine, permanent light blue,
  • brilliant green, yellow green, malachite green,
  • phthalo green, hookers green, cadmium green light, sap green, greenish yellow, green grey,
  • olive green, olive brown, Van Dyck brown,
  • burnt Sienna, raw sienna
  • raw umber, burnt umber,
  • yellow ochre, light red ochre, reddish brown,
  • indigo, French grey,  ivory black
  • pearl white, silver, gold, copper