Jacquard CARRAGEENAN natural seaweed gelling agent 113g


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  • Carrageenan is a natural seaweed gelling agent that provides a viscous surface (known as the “marbling size”) excellent for fabric and paper marbling.
  • Recommended proportions for marbling: 4 teaspoons/19 g Carrageenan to 1 gal/3.79 L water.
  • In a blender, slowly add the Carrageenan to 3 cups/0.71 L warm water and blend until fully dispersed.
  • Pour mixture into a bucket, add enough water to make a total of 1 gal/3.79 L and stir.
  • For larger quantities, repeat using same proportions.
  • Allow to rest at least one hour or until all bubbles have risen before use.
  • When hand mixing, allow up to 12 hours for bubbles to dissipate and powder to dissolve.
CAUTION: Avoid unnecessary contact. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. May form combustible dust concentrations in air. DO NOT INHALE.

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19g, 113g