Ecobra Metal Knife with carbon steel blade


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  • Premium-Series metal body, color metallic red, technically improved metal blade guide, double guided slider (at the top and the bottom) and with automatic 4 point lock.
  • This new innovative 4-point stopper design enhances well-balance locking force for excellent stability of the blades.
  • This new cutter series is equipped with premium blades 9 mm and 18 mm made of carbon steel, trapezoidal blades with additional titanium metal coating and a new saw blade.
  • Thus the blades obtained an enormous sharpness, toughness, strength and ductility.
  •  Suitable for cuttings on paper, cardboard, foils, felt, leather, vinyl, PVC, rubber, floor coverings, plaster boards, insulators, roofing cardboards, shingles and other similar materials.

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9mm, 18mm