Decorative Nepalese paper 51x76cm, handmade


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  • This paper is made in the heart of the Himalayas, where Nepalese artisans combine a traditional process of ancient paper making with modern fashion and style.
  • The result is a high quality paper product prized for its superior strength, durability and rich texture.
  • This natural product is 100% handmade using local raw material, simple technology and ancient skills.

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Nepālas papīrs

3D Circles Red on Cream, Alphabets Gold on Rasberry, Alphabets Gold on Royal Blue, Anapurna Floral Gold on Navy Blue, Anapurna Floral Gold on Red, Ancor White on Grey, Bamboo Tree Black on Light Brown, Banana Bark Gold on Natural, Batik Decor Checks Olive Green, Bleeding Heart White on white, Botanical Garden New Gold on Turquoise, Branches Forest Black on Watermelon Green, Bushes Blue on Natural, Buterfly&Dragonfly Copper on Blue, Cherry Blossom Black on Natural, Coffee Beans Black on Natural, Coin Gold on Blue, Coral Gold on Magenta, Dandelion White on Yellow, Dreamcatcher Gold on Watermelon, Face Brown on Natural, Fern and Leaf Green Citrus on Magenta, Floating Flower Black on Natural, Floating Flower Red on Natural, Floating Flower Royal Blue on Natural, Hearts Imprint 3D Natural, Hemp Fiber Black, Hemp Fiber Natural, Himal Floral Slate, Iris Gold on Brown, Iris Gold on Cream, Lace White on White, Lalupate White on White, Large Dots Gold on Natural, Lichi Citrus/Black on Natural, Moroccan Gold on Violet, Mums Gold on Orange, New Glamour Gold on Rasberry, New Leaves White on Sand, New Paisley Gold on Mint, New Paisley Gold on Turquoise, New Spiral Red on Cream, Paisley Offwhite on Yellow, Paisley White on Sky Blue, Peach Blossom White Black on Pink, Quilts&Dots White on Yellow, Rabbit Garden Black on Natural, Repeat Patteren Red on Red, Roses with Lines Blue on Natural, Tibetan Good Luck Gold on Red, Turkis White on Olive Green, Vintage design Green Sea Green on Natural, Vintage Key Black on Natural, Wooden Ply Ochre Brown, Wooden Ply SkyBlue, X-mas White on Natural

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