Cretacolor ART CHUNKY colored charcoal stick set


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  • Art Chunky is an 18 mm diameter colored charcoal stick.
  • Art Chunky is complemented by Chunky Charcoal and Chunky Graphite sticks,  available in the same large 18 mm diameter.
  • Art Chunky is exceptionally watersoluble and therefore allows for numerous drawing and painting techniques.
  • Fixing is necessary upon completion.
  • Apply on any type of drawing paper, including pastel paper, printing paper, watercolor paper, velour paper and also gesso-primed  surfaces.
  • Ideal for all types of drawing techniques including blending, stencilling, sgraffito, as well as mixed media painting and watercolor.

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Ochre light, Ochre dark, Sanguine light, Sepia dark, Olive brown, Olive green dark, Green earth light, Paynes grey, Silver grey, White