Cernit NATURE Polymer clay 56g


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  • To create a natural effect with polymer clay, use Cernit Nature!
  • You can achieve stones and a realistic earth effect as Cernit Nature polymer clays are made from dark filaments and glitter.
  • This gives them an irregular appearance similar to earth or natural stones.
  • To create a decor or just decorative pieces, their rough rendering without sanding is perfect.
  • Cernit polymer clay is modelling clay which is permanently hardened by baking in a pre-heated domestic oven at 110-130°C for 15-30min.
  • Rolling and kneaing makes the material supple and shapeable in any direction.
  • It can be drawn out finely like pastry and folded like cloth.
  • All colours can be mixed with each other, and blended, marbled or lightened with opaque white.
  • After baking it gives a porcelain-like finish and is so firm that it can be drilled, filed or sanded.
  • Acrylic paints, decorative powders and varnish can be used.
  • Perfect for making decorative items such as jewellery (earrings, bracelets, pendants…), figurines, accessories, miniature food or even for customisation and restoration of furnitures.

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