Abig Paper-making frame with gauze


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  • Paper making as a very traditional craft is more and more coming in the hobby sector and in education.
  • For paper making you need paper pulp or better you use waste paper.
  1. Making the paper pulp: Waste paper or paper pulp rend to small pieces and mix with water.
  2. Paper making: With the papermaking frame and deckle and the gauze between you sieve out the paper of the water mixture. The surplus water flows through the gauze back.
  3. Couching: The handmade paper on the gauze will be laid down on a couching cloth upside down.
  4. Pressing and drying: The couching clothes with the paper between will be pressed by a press or with the use of boards and clamps. Afterward, you can take out the paper for drying.
  5. Smooth down: Before the paper is completely dried you press it again and let it dry totally. Then you can smooth the paper with an iron.

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