Abig Printing ink roll with a metal handle, different sizes


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  • The rubber of all rollers is of the same very high quality and it is water and (with some restrictions) oil resistant.
  • Handle made from nickel plated rod
  • It has legs on one side that it can be stood with the roller free of working surface.
  • The inside roller is made of plastic.
  • The roller is easily removable from the spring steel handle, (making it quick and easy to clean).
  • Please take always care that the roller is put down on the stands and that you clean the roller thoroughly.
  • These graphics rollers are popular both among professionals and in training classes.
Technical information:
  • The diameter of the roller is 20 or 30 mm and the thickness of the rubber is 3 or 4 mm.
  • 131800 – 150mm, Ø 30mm, rubber thickness 4mm
  • 130300 – 120mm, Ø 30mm, rubber width 4mm
  • 130200 – 90mm, Ø 30mm, rubber width 4mm
  • 130100 – 60mm, Ø 20mm, rubber width 3mm
  • 130800 – 50mm, Ø 20mm, rubber width 3mm

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50x20mm, 60x20mm, 90x30mm, 120x30mm, 150x30mm