Who we are

RDG is a professional artist materials store located in the center of Riga, which works both as an artist materials and decor paint shop and as an art room.

You can organize a personal exhibition or learn some of the techniques of art. As artists, we care about the development of art, so we look forward to promoting your creative expression.

About Us

What we are about

Today’s rapid technological development dictates the need to achieve rapid results in any area of ​​its operations. Man, and especially the young man, has become much more impatient. The supply industry has also followed this trend. Colors are produced for a variety of materials with simple, quick-to-apply technology and predictable results. All you have to do is choose the right color from the variety of products and accomplish what you intended.

We represent fabrics and articles (scarves, scarves, ties) of natural German silk, textiles, glass, ceramics and other materials known to the Latvian manufacturer Marabu, as well as various tools: various brushes, linocuts, mascara and calligraphy feathers, ready-made templates and other things for different creative pursuits.

We provide training courses and workshops on painting and decorating items using manufacturer-approved and experience-based application technology.


Our Story & Mission