Who we are

Creative works galery is a supplie store for profesional artists as well as for hobby crafts and frame studio. For learning various art techniques, we organize educational workshops and offer creative entertainment for your events.

As artists, we care about the development of art, so we are happy to encourage your creative expression.

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About Us

What we are about

The fast pace of today’s life and technological developments dictate the need to achieve results quickly in any scope. Man, and especially the young man, has become much more impatient. The range of creative materials also follow this trend. Paints are produced for various media with a simple, quick-to-learn technique and predictable results. All you have to do is choose the right paint from the wide variety of products and do what you have intended.

We represent German manufacturer Marabu that is already known in Latvia and has paints for painting silk, textiles, glass, ceramics and other materials.  Also, we have natural silk fabrics and products (scarves, ties), cotton and linen fabrics, a wide range of tools such as brushes, tools for modeling and technical drawing, pencils, ink and calligraphic pens, stamps and stenciles, and many more products for creative activities for children and art lovers, as well as professional craftsmen.We offer educational lectures and workshops in painting and decorating objects, using technology that is accepted by the manufacturer and based on our experience.


Our Story & Mission